Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc is a registered charity and volunteer supported not-for-profit organisation sharing a love of riding and living life to the fullest. We strive to help kids at risk of not being amazing, empowering young people for a successful future.

We work with young people regardless of circumstance, supporting them into positive pathways through our diverse range of programs. Lighthouse Youth Projects also offers a range of community events, BMX and MTB coaching, along with life skills mentoring.

Our passion is sharing our skills, energy and enthusiasm for livin’ life to the fullest with a new generation of young people, encouraging everyone around us to get stoked on life!

To get in touch with Lighthouse Projects email getstoked@lighthouseyp.org or click here.

Lighthouse Youth Projects for Ride at Seaford Skatepark


Lighthouse Youth Projects was set up with the vision to help every young person in Australia realise their full potential and encourage them to make positive change.

We strive to give everyone, regardless of circumstance, the chance to be amazing through riding bikes with passionate mentors.

We believe that bicycles can change lives and be a springboard to a new positive way of living, whilst simultaneously helping with the stresses of our lives. We try to practise what we preach every day by living life to the fullest, sharing our passion, and giving back to communities we are a part of in any way possible.

Lighthouse Youth Projects Co-Founders Jamie Moore and Ryan Lloyd at City Dirt.

our story

Jamie and Ryan share a longstanding love of BMX and cycling, borne of a lifetime spent riding trails, tackling jumps, performing tricks and forming lasting friendships through a love of bikes.

In 2013 Ryan broke his back while riding in New Zealand and, concurrently, the business Jamie had built up from the ground lay in ruins. Oftentimes, when the chips are down, new opportunities come knocking; and sometimes these are opportunities you actually need to create for yourself.

It was at this point that the two realised they had more to offer society than what they were contributing in regular 9-5 jobs. Deciding to harness their passion for riding and the benefits and life skills it can bring, they created Lighthouse Youth Projects with a vision to inspire young people to do something with their lives, breaking free from opportunity limiting behaviours.

Lighthouse Youth Projects mentor Jackie Schapel with Ride participant at Seaford Dirt Jumps


How can I help?
There are many opportunities to help Lighthouse Youth Projects with the delivery of our programs and events. If you are interested in volunteering, please send us your current resume along with the areas you would like to assist with. We might be old bmx’ers but we also need to follow the rules sometimes. To volunteer with us you are required to have a current Department of Human Services Clearance and will need to provide us with a copy.

How do I donate?
Visit our Donate page for more information on donating funds towards Lighthouse Youth Projects and our programs.

What will my donation be put towards?
Lighthouse Youth Projects apportions donations where need is most prevalent. Donations are fully tax deductible.

Where can I get some Lighthouse Youth Projects stickers?
If you’d like to receive some of our official stickers, send us an email including your postal address and we’ll send you some stickers as a small thank you from us here at LYP for supporting the cause.



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