How can I help?

There are many opportunities to help LYP with the delivery of our programs or events. If you are interested in volunteering, find more information about the type of help we are looking for on our [Volunteers](https://lighthouseyp.org/volunteers) page. If you have a particular skill to share or idea in mind please contact [Jamie](mailto: jamie@lighthouseyp.org) or [Ryan](mailto:ryan@lighthouseyp.org).

How do I donate?

Visit our [Donate](https://lighthouseyp.org/donate) page for more information on donating funds towards Lighthouse Youth Projects and our programs.

What will my donation be put towards?

Lighthouse Youth Projects apportions donations where need is most prevalent. This may include bike repair, food supplies for our participants or mentor upskilling programs. If you have a particular cause you would like to donate to, please choose the option from the drop down menu on our [Donate](https://lighthouseyp.org/donate) page. Donations are fully tax deductible.

How does my child get involved with Cycle of Change?

Please visit [What We Do](https://lighthouseyp.org/what-we-do) to find out more about Cycle of Change and how kids can become involved.

When is the next Concrete Session?

Check out our [Events](https://lighthouseyp.org/events) page for information about our next Concrete Session.

Where can I get some Lighthouse Youth Projects stickers?

If you'd like to receive some of our official stickers, [donate](https://lighthouseyp.org/donate) $10 towards Lighthouse Youth Projects volunteer driven programs aimed at helping kids at risk via our [donation form](https://lighthouseyp.org/donate). Follow it up with an [email](mailto: jamie@lighthouseyp.org) including your postal address and a receipt number and we'll send you out a few stickers as a small thank you from us here at LYP for supporting the cause.