On Tuesday 30 March we headed up to Balaklava to deliver a much-anticipated GET STOKED! Session that had been delayed due to COVID lockdowns.

Just over an hour north of Adelaide in South Australia’s mid-north region, the Balaklava township is home to just on 2000 people. After setting up our wares at the local skatepark our anticipation turned to delight when we heard the school bell rang and we were almost instantly inundated by fresh-faced kids look to get rad on bikes.

Over the next 4 hours we saw smiles, spills, stunts and young people just having a really good time. If there’s one thing we like to do, is get more people on bikes and the kids of Balaklava sure showed us how its DONE! There’s were bigger kids falling in love with the skatepark again and even younger ones dropping in for the first time, we even had a local lad, Nathan almost beat our pro mentor Brad in our bunny hop comp!

We would like to thank everyone and especially Holly from the Wakefield Regional Council for making this day possible. To the local groups that provided juice boxes and doughnuts we thank you for powering these kids around for an extra 3 hours after school! To all the kids and parents that joined us for the afternoon, thank you! We hope you got as much as a kick of seeing everyone so excited to ride as we did.

If you would like to find out more about hosting a GET STOKED! Session in your local council area please email us at

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