BALANCE is a bicycle-based mentoring program designed to work with students who have or are at risk of disengaging from the education system.

BALANCE was created to provide mentoring support for disadvantaged young people. By encouraging a change in their attitudes towards risk-taking behaviours we aim to shift the mindset towards taking responsibility for their actions. Our mentors focus on specifically increasing the young person’s awareness around the factors that have influenced their behaviours, and the impact of this on their developmental needs.

BALANCE is delivered via a series of workshops combining theory and bike-based activities. These deliberately challenging BMX-based activities are designed to demonstrate that bike riding can redirect their thrill-seeking behaviours into healthier, positive actions. Riding facilitates better anger management and produce natural endorphins providing a healthier alternative to drug and alcohol use. Bike riding also supports active community participation and inclusion for those that experience isolation or struggle to manage their mental health.

BALANCE is designed to suit young people between the ages of 11 and 17 and delivered in line with the school curriculum.

To find out more about BALANCE or register your interest to have LIGHTHOUSE YOUTH PROJECTS deliver this program in your area, send us a message using the form below.