Brad Grantham

Brad has been riding since he was two before started BMX racing at the tender age of seven, which amounts to a tidy sum of 29 years riding experience. For the brief moments he isn’t doing bike related activities you’ll find him kayaking, collecting records or playing music.

As a young kid he travelled a lot racing BMX and competed at the world titles when he was 12 in Brighton, England. After finishing up with racing at 16 he moved into freestyle BMX and continued to travel all over Australia, England, America entering several competitions along the way. To keep things ticking over in the money department Brad also got himself a trade as a plumber.

For Brad, the most satisfying part about working for LYP is being able to help kids feel more positive and inspire them through riding, the same way he inspired was when he was a kid. One of the most striking and incredibly inspiring things Brad has seen is how much a participant can change for the better after small period of time of just riding a bike. 

You’ll find Brad mentoring at our Get Stoked workshops and at RiDE in Adelaide, or doing laps of Kurrangga BMX Park with cofounders Ryan and Jamie in their lunch breaks.