Help us “BRING THE BALANCE” this October and raise $10,000 to give young people the chance to make positive change their lives – all through the power of bikes!

Your donation will go directly towards funding an additional round of our innovative BALANCE program and enable EIGHT YOUNG PEOPLE who would not normally have the opportunity to access our services to be engaged.

BALANCE is an 18-week program that combines a curriculum of workshops focusing on general life skills with tools needed to gain employment or further training. It was created to provide mentoring support for disadvantaged young people by encouraging a change in their attitudes and beliefs towards risk-taking behaviours and taking responsibility for their actions.

The key here is the engagement is facilitated by bikes and riding. We know traditional means of learning and education have failed for these young people. What we aim to do, and have done, is engage through riding and re-ignite that desire to learn.

So how can you help?

By making a donation! Throughout October we are looking to raise $10,000! All donations are tax-deductible. Whether it’s a little or a lot know that we truly value every contribution! 

We also understand that these are tricky times, if you aren’t in a position to donate you can help us get the word out by sharing this campaign. If it’s by sharing our social media posts or even sending this page link onto friends, every little bit counts!

Let’s all work together to change the lives of young people in our community!!

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