Connor Fearon

Hailing from the leafy suburbs of Adelaide. Connor has loved riding bikes for as long as he can remember. As one of Australia’s most successful mountain biking exports, Connor has been riding for Kona Bikes for the last 10 years. Racing both Downhill and Enduro he’s shown that style, speed, finesse and flat pedals can be one complete and very successful package.

Currently, on a season break from his professional racing overseas, Connor will be volunteering with the Lighthouse crew until he can resume his global adventures.

When he’s not on the job for Lighthouse you find him riding road, trail bikes and dirt jumps on his trusty Kona Shonky. In between riding you might even catch him surfing, riding motocross or helping out other local riding organisations. We’re super excited to have Connor on board as another very experienced mentor to add to our existing quiver of amazing humans!

To learn more about Connor and his racing exploits hit up the Kona website!