Jamie Moore – Co Founder

Co Founder Jamie Moore is a BMX industry veteran with over 25 years of riding experience.

Having been at the helm of his own BMX wholesale business, a qualified MTB coach, and subsequently working in various roles within the cycling industry, Jamie sure knows his way around a bike and is pretty handy both on and off the track.

Jamie has an inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm for life which he is passionate about sharing with those around him. When founding LYP with Ryan, Jamie had a vision to see all kids given the opportunity to ride a bike with someone that cares about their well being and where their potential future could lead.

He envisioned the BMX bicycle as more than simply a bike, but rather a tool for positive change, and as a way of connecting with kids from all walks of life. Kids who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to have someone interested in their story and helping them move forward.