Ryan Lloyd – Co Founder

Co-founder of Lighthouse Youth Projects, Ryan Lloyd is hailed as one of Australia’s best freestyle riders.

Starting in his childhood backyard in Blyth, South Australia, building his own jumps from the ground up, Ryan is now internationally known for his exceptional bike control and style. Ryan is passionate about sharing his love of riding with young people, so that they too can reach their full potential and enjoy life to the fullest! 

Ryan previously worked as a Youth Mentor with Families SA and the Bowden Brompton Community School.

“Riding to me is freedom and community. It’s my way of harnessing my creative energy and sharing that creativity with friends. It has opened up a new door to the world for me, and just through the love of riding, I’ve been lucky enough to meet new friends and end up in places I never thought I would be.

Breaking my back in 2013 was a real wake up call to me; it opened my eyes to just how much I wanted to pass on the love of riding and the life skills I had learnt along the way. I love seeing young people find that stoke, feel a part of the riding community and reach their goals. 

It was at this point that Jamie and I started talking about how we wanted to create something that would enable us to pass on this love of bikes, and all the life lessons and skills that come with it, to the next generation of young people and Lighthouse Youth Projects was born.”