Trail builder and bicycle bandit, Buzz, is living the dream! Building fun trails for people to ride in amazing locations all over Australia?! Where do we sign up??

Buzz has years of bike experience; his youth spent mucking around on a BMX bike with his mates, building jumps (usually with no landings!) wherever they could find a spare patch of dirt. By the age of 15, Buzz had started riding MTB and also dabbled in track and road racing.

After leaving school and working in a bike shop, whilst solely riding MTB, Buzz secured a job in a summer camp in Lake Tahoe near San Francisco, and caught the travel bug! Subsequently, he has spent many years working in Australia and overseas, chasing mountains and the summer sun with his bike, racing along the way, and working a variety of different jobs to keep the wheels spinning and the dream alive!

Buzz offers a great range of perspective, having worked a variety of jobs in the cycling industry, from Mechanic in a bike store, to travelling and keeping bikes race tuned for professional athletes, to coaching, trail building and of course as a mentor.

It's awesome to have someone so well rounded on our team and with such a wealth of experience to offer the kids we mentor, to help inspire them and show them there's a whole world of options out there in front of them to explore!