Daniel Johns

Dan has been riding bikes in one way or another for 35 years. He got his first bike at the age of 10 and started road racing at 15. Since then he’s raced pretty much every discipline there is from downhill and cross country to trying his hand at cyclocross as well. 

When he isn’t riding or mentoring, you’ll find him using his trade as a carpenter, surfing or playing the guitar. He is also an avid apiarist (he keeps bees as a hobby). 

Before he joined Lighthouse Youth Projects Dan travelled through Europe, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and lastly to South America on a surf trip. To balance out all the ‘fun’ stuff he has studied environmental management and worked in fire management and national parks. 

What Dan loves about Lighthouse is that he gets to be part of a great team and can help to inspire and motivate young people to challenge themselves. You’ll find Dan at any one of our workshops either on the bike or giving them a once over with the tools!