Joey Brooks

Joey started riding a bike at the age of three and has pretty much been on two wheels ever since. He heart is firmly fixed in the dirt and is especially stoked on dirt jumping and downhill. At the age of 15, Joey got his first job working as a mechanic in his local bike shop and he hasn’t put down a spanner since. In his spare time you will find Joey in his workshop at home tweaking one of his bikes or riding hard as possible on a local mountain bike trail near you. 

What really gets Joey pumped about his work as a mentor it being able to share his passion with the young people he works with, teaching them new skills on the bike and in the workshop. He feels that one of the most empowering things in life is being able to fix and maintain your own cherished possesions and he’s always happy to give guidance in the art of wrenching spanners. 

What Joey really likes about Lighthouse Youth Projects are the opportunities and pathways on offer to young people. As a mentor, he has the chance to help the young people he works with to enhance their life choices, give them better options and the skills to steer towards positive outcomes when other choices might seem easier.