Low-Ratio Youth Mentoring

Lighthouse Youth Projects now offers low-ratio youth mentoring through our CADENCE program.

Our Cadence sessions incorporate our hugely successful bicycle mentoring activities and specifically tailor these to the needs of the individual and the barriers they are seeking to overcome.

As part of their Cadence journey, participants have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to ride a bike or improve their current skill level
  • Learn basic mechanics skills under the supervision of experienced mentors
  • Improve fitness and wellbeing via riding around various parts of Adelaide
  • Gain confidence, improve social skills and realise their value to the community
  • Get support and guidance to access other services

These sessions are highly flexible, designed to meet the needs of the individual and run Tuesday through to Friday. In the majority of circumstances, there is a maximum participant to mentor ratio of 2 to 1 at any one time to allow for those with higher support needs. In some cases we are able to work with individuals who are receiving support as part of the NDIS scheme.

To find out how you, or someone you know can participate in our CADENCE program please fill out the form below.

Is the participant receiving support as part of the NDIS scheme?

**Please note prospective participants will need to complete an initial screening/interview to assess suitability for the program.