With every single being on this planet affected by this new virus, it’s vital for us to look after ourselves and everyone around us, we need to find a way for everyone to find a way to keep sane and healthy as best as we can, a chance for us to step up and change the way we go about our day to day life and hopefully have a laugh along the way!

Due to this we will be adapting and evolving our mentoring programmes and program delivery according to recommendations from peak bodies including the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation. 

Riding a bicycle does not require you to be stuck indoors, it needs to be done in the fresh air and you can always ride alone. Riding a bicycle is a known depression beater and the perfect antidote to all of the negativity that this virus has dredged up.  We would love to know that everyone that has come into contact with Lighthouse Youth Projects over the last seven years has come away feeling better about themselves with the help of some good old vitamin G after pedalling their cares away….

So where to now? Just like the rest of the world, we are working out our pathway forward. To keep our mindset positive and stay active we’re embarking on what we are calling #keepthestoke. Read on below on how you can join us on this journey and stay safe and show love all at the same time. 

To every one of you, we send our care and good vibes and hope that we can all come out of this together. 

With all our hearts,
The crew at Lighthouse Youth Projects