The inaugural Lighthouse Youth Projects Bike Drive hosted in conjunction with City of Port Adelaide Enfield and City of Charles Sturt a huge success.

Day to day Lighthouse Youth Projects works with over 100 at-risk youth across South Australia and Tasmania. Bikes are integral to work we do with ‘mentoring through bikes’ being our guiding principle. We are also hugely aware of the value of bikes to people and how that value takes on many different forms depending on the individual.

The idea of the bike drive was to create a space where people could come and donate bikes they loved, but no longer needed so they could have a meaningful new home or just make sure that those that couldn’t be ridden again we’re properly recycled.

Late last week the crew from Lighthouse Youth Projects camped out at the Beverly resource centre to accept donations of bikes, running or otherwise, as part of National Recycling Week.

We could never have anticipated the response we received. Over 400 bikes rolled up to our collection station with people travelling from as far as Jamestown to donate. Our staff kept a keen eye on what was coming through the gate and made sure that what could be put to good use again was set aside, with the remainder sorted into recycling.

The 2020 Bike Drive means that Lighthouse Youth Projects now has upwards of 100 bikes that we can repair and service as part of our mentoring activities and also provide bikes to our program participants w,aren’t in a position to purchase one.

As an initiative it has well and truly exceeded our goals, but also filled our hearts knowing that so many people want to keep on creating a better place for those less fortunate.

Lighthouse Youth Projects Bike Sale

On Friday 11th of September, Lighthouse Youth Projects will be holding a bike sale for all of the upcycled and repaired bikes we have been working on during our mentoring sessions.

These bikes have been repaired with students in our mentoring sessions and checked over by our qualified staff mechanics.

Mountain bikes, kids bikes, road bikes and commuters! We have many options if you are looking to get back on the road or trails.

Bikes will be listed on our Gumtree prior to the sale and shared on this event page so you can have a look at what we have to purchase.

All proceeds from the sale will go right back into the tools and parts needed to fix our next round of bikes.

The nitty-gritty…
Date: Friday 11th of September
Time: 10am to 2pm
Location: Lighthouse Youth Projects – 40 Sturt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

For more info link in with our event page on Facebook.

Ahead of the curve, rolling with the times!


We like to think that most of the time we are pretty excited about the programs we deliver and those we have in the pipeline. With our latest pilot program, BALANCE we are almost jumping out of our skin!

Innovation, to be agile and pivot, they are all terms that get used a lot in business-speak. Sometimes they are warranted and in the case of our latest project, we can safely say that everyone at Lighthouse Youth Projects has been doing all three to get things up and rolling. 

CoVID-19 has pushed us to be an even better organisation and reach more people than ever before. The crux of what we have developed for BALANCE relies on the core principles of our mentoring, our people. What we have created are the tools to enhance this style of delivery and also allow us to continue to work with our cohort in the event of a future lockdown. The team have been hard at work creating a curriculum, workbook and App (for both iPhone and Android) that will complement our face-to-face mentoring.  

We know times are extremely tough for those who already face many challenges. Ensuring we can create some continuity and support for the young people we work with is essential to what we do. 

There have been numerous added benefits that we never predicted during development. With these new tools, we can adapt to the different ways young people are engaged. Some prefer a device, some get really pumped on the magazine-style workbook we have created. It has also meant that we now have a very tangible way to work with at-risk young people in remote areas. 

Currently, the program is being trialled in select schools in southern Adelaide. In 2021 we will look to build the number of schools we are working with ensuring we always provide the extremely high level of service delivery we pride ourselves on. 

So how can you be involved? In the not too distant future, we will give YOU the chance to support an additional round of this groundbreaking program, so that those who may fall through the cracks will have the opportunity to participate in something that will benefit them for years to come.

Keep listening out for more about this exciting opportunity to get involved with us and the young people we work with.

In other exciting news, we are pleased to introduce to you the crew at MOOD Racing, this local team of bike enthusiasts has been generous enough to nominate us as their charity partner. If you like the idea of getting out and watching some pretty wild bike antics in the parklands make sure you give them a follow on Instagram.

We will also be holding a garage sale for our upcycled and refurbished bikes on Friday 11th September from 10am to 2pm at our city location, Level 2, 40 Sturt Street, Adelaide. 

These bikes have all been repaired with the students in our mentoring sessions and checked over by our qualified staff mechanics. All proceeds from their sale will go back into running these mentoring sessions for the purchase of tools, spare parts and the like. We hope to see you there to snap up a bargain and see our new digs at Employment Options. 

Thanks for helping us to #keepthestoke!!

Jamie Moore & all the Lighthouse Youth Projects crew. 


What’s that saying about ‘best-laid plans…?’
We were hoping to share this exciting milestone with you all in different times, but here we all are. As we’ve said only a few days prior, everyone at Lighthouse Youth Projects hopes you are all keeping safe and well, and doing your best to stay healthy and active. 

Our programs have made and continue to make positive change in the lives of young people. Many of you have already supported us via donations in the past and for that, we say thank you. We also know that many of you would love to donate to help us deliver our programs to more youth, in more places across Australia. 

Now more than ever, everyone’s dollar has to work that little bit harder and that’s why we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to achieve full DGR status or in simpler term become a tax-deductible charity. 


As of December 31 2019, any monetary donation you make (or have made) to Lighthouse Youth Projects will be tax-deductible. This won’t change the reason why you would donate to Lighthouse Youth Projects but we hope that it will be an added benefit that we can provide to you as a valued supporter. 

Donations can be made by clicking on the button below. If you would like to contact Lighthouse Youth Projects directly to discuss making a donation you can do so via getstoked@lighthouseyp.org.