WORKSHOP 12: GET Amongst IT!

We’ve talked about the different riding communities and how they can work together. This workshop we will find out a little more about different disciplines and the cycling clubs!

Here are some local cycling clubs in the Greater Adelaide area:

  • The Cove BMX Club
  • Inside Line MTB Club (Statewide)
  • Adelaide MTB Club (Statewide)
  • Gravity Enduro of South Australia (you guessed it, statewide)
  • South Coast Cycling Club (for Road Riding)

Cycling clubs are small (or large) organisations that hold regular events. These may be races or just social events, to be included in these events you can become a member which is sometimes like joining one big bike family.

BMX has racing, freestyle, flatland and street. For each type, the bike itself may be different in its look and design and the skills that the rider has will have varied strengths and weaknesses. The racing discipline of BMX is the one most likely to be associated with a club.



Today we are going to go to your local BMX track and have a look at the features, what makes it different from our local pump track and jumps and also try and see what a race might look like.

Free choice for your activity today, but remember…

Where did you feel it? How did it feel?

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