Who likes riding their local spot? Is there something you would like to change? How do you think you might go about that?

This workshop we will investigate the relationship between the local council, community infrastructure and also the best way to communicate with the council.

The skills we might need to use for this activity include:

  • Communication – both listening and talking clearly
  • Planning
  • Confidence – do you have the confidence to clearly communicate what you would like changed AND why?
  • Budgeting – what will it cost to complete the upgrade and where might this money come from?

ON THE BIKE: Change it up!

We are heading to the skatepark but for something different, today we want you to think about an upgrade for the park you might want to make.

Have a think about what you would say to someone to prove to them that it’s needed.


Grab a broom, when you sweep the floor, think about your HANDS. Where did you feel it? What did you feel?

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