Oooo sounds deep, doesn’t it? Well kind of…

Today we will be looking into where you can ride safely, the basics of goal setting and how this can help in all areas of life.

Think of life as one big road trip. You can go through life without any goals and everything might be just fine. Sometimes though, the simple act of identifying a goal and working towards it can be very satisfying and take you on a path you never expected.

Goal setting can be extremely varied. Goals can be:

  • Short term or
  • Long term

Short term goals could be:

  • ‘by the end of the week I’m going to ride my bike three times’

Long term goals might include thing’s like:

  • getting your drivers licence
  • saving up for a new bike
  • Finishing the school year
  • Deciding to go to TAFE or University

Even long term goals can be broken up into small achievable goals, this makes the BIG seem not quite so big and also gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction along the way.

Today we are going to put that into practice with setting a goal for EVERYONE to try their hand at a BUNNYHOP!

VIDEO: Lighthouse Youth Projects Bunnyhop instructional video


AIM OF THE GAME – BUNNYHOP – It’s time to revisit our bunny hops to see if we can jump over the limbo poles. Your mentors will be reminding you of the bunnyhop basics to get you off the ground! 

ACTIVITY (no questions this week – WHOOP!)

Where to ride safely:

Plan your route from home to school, skate park or trails using the Cycle Instead Interactive Map.


Everyone head outside, grab their bikes and practice Pumping on a feature.

Where did you feel it? What did you feel?

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