The Behind Bars program is delivered by Lighthouse Youth Projects in conjunction with the South Australian Youth Education Centre.

Facilitated at the Department of Community Supervision and Intervention’s Adelaide Youth Training Centre facilities in Cavan, the program is oriented towards encouraging and supporting young people, generally between the age of 10 and 18, who have become involved in the juvenile justice system.

Working with young offenders, we aim to assist them in accessing opportunities to participate safely and productively in the community, to provide the skills they need for long term success and to inspire change so as to reduce the possibility of future criminal activity. We recognise the importance of these young offenders taking responsibility for their actions but also their specific developmental needs as young people and how that differs from those of adult offenders.

Lighthouse BMX mentors deliver physically challenging BMX training to the residents while simultaneously working to encourage them towards embracing a different life beyond the prison walls, and helping them to envision a pathway for themselves where they can positively participate in their community.

Our BMX programs are a direct approach to recividism from a holistic perspective, with a view to helping the residents achieve their freedom through achieving set goals in a respectful way.